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Lunchbox for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x

Menu presentation and order functionality for cantines, schools and companies

The extension "Lunchbox" for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x is a perfect solution for presentation your weekly menu and to allow online ordering. Increase your efficency of ordering and reporting!

Your customers can inform themselves about your menu via an Android app. >> Read more

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Lunchbox - Menu including order functionality
Create multiple, different menus with individual menu categories
Create different menus with individual categories (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Create dalily menu by selecting multiple meal components (e.g. meat, side order)
Individual menu categories
Create a meal library. In the menu different meals can be combined to a dish. Meals can be organized in meal groups.
Information/allergens and inredients can be assigned to the meals
Individual ingredients can be created and organized in groups. For each ingredient a unit, price and nutrients can be stored
Images are stored in an image library. The images can be selected when creating a dish.
Create individual e-mail notification templates to inform administrators and customers about the orders
Credit functionality
With the reporting functionality you can get a lot of useful information
Configure the layout of the Android app completely individual



Scope of delivery


  • Component Lunchbox
  • Module >>Daily Offers<< (downloadable in Download section)
  • Plugin Firm (downloadable in Download section)
  • Plugin for Android app (during BETA test phase downloadable in Download section free of charge)
  • Updates for selected update period (downloadable in Download section)



  • For Joomla! 2.5 at least Joomla! 2.5.17 required
  • For Joomla! 3 at least Joomla! 3.1.5 required


  • Included languagesn: German, English, Italian, French, Czech, Portuguese
  • Create an unlimited number of different menus
  • Create a meal library
  • Create an unlimited number of menu categories (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Publishing of 7 days-weekly menus including a calendar week filter
  • Menus can easily be created by selecting the meal from the meal library
  • Each meal in the menu can be consist of multiple different meals of the meal library
  • Create an image library. The images can be assigned to the meals of the menu.
  • Print view of the menu in frontend
  • PDF export of the menus. Individual layout by showing a firm logo and changing colours.
  • Ordering functionality for registered users (no integrated payment system)
  • Library of allergens and ingredients that can be assigned to meals
  • For the ingredients the cost price and the quantity of nutrients can be stored
  • Up to 10 different and individual price categories can be configured (e.g. Guest, Employee)
  • Each user will be assigned to one of these price categories and the user itself only sees the price of his category
  • Credit functionality implemented (must be recharged manually, no connection to a cash system!)
  • An own currency can be configured
  • An order deadline can be configured (daily, weekly, manually --> e.g. The user can order until Friday, 12am for the next week)
  • The administrator can change orders after the deadline expired
  • Show / hide the meal images, description, price and ingredients
  • Possiblity to add own Terms and Condition the customer has to accept
  • For each day a special text can be added (e.g. holidays, closed, etc.)
  • Individual notifications for administrator and customer
  • Report function:
  • Number of ordered meals per week (summarised by meals)
  • Number of ordered meals for each week and user including the total price
  • Number of ordered meals per day
  • Accounting report (Overview of all ordered meals (prices) for each user and calendar week), filterable by firm and calendar week, marking of paid/unpaid bills
  • Recipes: Show quantity of ingredients for each meal of the meal library
  • Shopping list: NUmber of ingredients that are needed for a week
  • All reports can be exported to the .xls format
  • Print view for all reports