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Changelog - VEMACO


3.0.4 [14-July-2016]

  • Bugfix: ACL problems in backend
  • Bugfix: Can't select template in Joomla! 3.6

3.0.3 [18-May-2016]

  • New: Fields of type URL adding missing http tag automatically
  • Bugfix: Problem with contact form in Joomla! 3.5
  • Bugfix: Vehicle description is not being translated
  • Bugfix: Can't insert vehicle images in frontend
  • Change: Changes in mail function for Joomla! 3.5

3.0.2 [29-March-2016]

  • Bugfix: Error if dealer is selected in frontend vehicles list view
  • Bugfix: Error in attributes list, if new vehicle class is created

3.0.1 [02-March-2016]

  • Bugfix: Wrong menu item ID for VEMACO module links
  • Bugfix: Print icon shown twice in responsive template
  • Bugfix: No frontend fields assigned during installation
  • Bugfix: Dealer attributes not saved when creating dealer
  • Bugfix: Dealer logo not saved

3.0 [28-February-2016]

  • New: Ready for Joomla 3.4.8
  • New: New repsonsive template
  • New: Dealer groups
  • New: Custom dealer attributes
  • New: Email notification if vehicle is inserted or edited in frontend
  • New: New custom field file upload
  • New: New custom field URL
  • New: New custom field radio buttons
  • New: New custom field multiple checkboxes
  • New: Preview in custom fields view
  • New: Configure filters of frontend vehicles list
  • New: Add CSS class for each attribute
  • New: Define default value for text fields
  • New: Sorting function of attribute options
  • New: Possibility to disable make, model, price, discount price, description, attachment
  • New: Captcha in firm registration form
  • New: Cleanup translations button for deleting duplicate entries
  • New: Function for copying attributes to another vehicle class
  • New: Select dealer when creating vehicle in backend
  • New: Disable make and model field for creating vehicles or define them as not required
  • New: New vehicle image slide show
  • New: New and easier template building (old templates are maybe not working anymore)
  • New: Insert translations for description and unit of an attribute
  • Bugfix: Problem pagination search list / individual view for search list
  • Bugfix: Some Problems with Joomla 2.5
  • Bugfix: Problem with parent attribute
  • Bugfix: Can't select special makes or attributes on vehicles menu item in Joomla 3
  • Bugfix: Problem in search form with data types
  • Bugfix: Pagination Problem with enabled SEF URL
  • Bugfix: Problem with images count if multiple vehicle classes exist
  • Bugfix: Error message in frontend vehicle view when deleting attributes (delete also all frontend entries for it)
  • Bugfix: Delete translations when deleting vehicles, attributes, options, search options, extras
  • Bugfix: Load previous inserted vehicle information if saving causes an error
  • Bugfix: Some minor bugs
  • Change: New database structure for storing vehicle values
  • Change: Delete dealer contacts table. Each dealer is assigned to only one Joomla user
  • Change: Replace deprecated class JRequest
  • Change: Rebuilding default template
  • Change: For dropdown fields the ID is now used as value
  • Removed: Temporary removed import/export function
  • Removed: Import-/Export temporary removed

2.8.2 [28-November-2013]

  • Bugfix: Problem sending message in contact form in Joomla 3
  • Bugfix: Install problem on Joomla 3.2
  • Bugfix: Conflict with K2 component
  • Bugfix: Problem installing italian sample data

2.8.1 [05-November-2013]

  • Language: Italian translation
  • Change: Bootstrap changes for Joomla 3.1 in backend
  • Bugfix: Can't delete vehicle classes in Joomla! 3.1

2.8 [01-October-2013]

  • New: Mark vehicles as featured vehicles
  • New: Support of Joomla 3.1
  • Bugfix: Bug in Translations section
  • Bugfix: Required fields in frontend edit vehicle form be ignored
  • Bugfix: Sorting of vehicle list view in frontend by price consider now discount price

2.7.1 [07-July-2013]

  • Bugfix: 404 Error on vehicle detail view for specific server configurations
  • Bugfix: Missing table fields when creating new vehicle class

2.7 [07-July-2013]

  • New: Dynamic / chained drop down lists
  • New: Possibility to generate the offer number automatically
  • New: Possibility to create frontend vehicle lists of specific makes and attribute options
  • New: Create menu items for editing the dealer data, vehicles and contact persons
  • Bugfix: Small problem in frontend configuration for new vehicle classes
  • Bugfix: Bug in frontend if vehicles list is default site
  • Bugfix: Bug delete dealer
  • Bugfix: Missing description in frontend vehicle detail view
  • Bugfix: Duplicate vehicles in list view
  • Bugfix: Bug in contact form
  • Security: Security fixes

2.6.3 [12-June-2013]

  • Bugfix: Missing field state in vehicle edit form
  • Bugfix: Not creating all folders while installation
  • Bugfix: Problem deleting vehicles in frontend

2.6.2 [10-June-2013]

  • Bugfix: Max. length of vehicle class database name
  • Bugfix: Create fields hsn and tsn in cars_stock_attributes table instead of hsn_tsn during installation
  • Bugfix: When deleting a vehicle class complete images folder images/vemaco/vehicles will be deleted
  • Bugfix: Router don't extract vehicle class of detail search link

2.6.1 [07-June-2013]

  • Bugfix: Problem while updating from VEMACO 2.5
  • Bugfix: Save vehicle images
  • Bugfix: Showing price/discount price in vehicle view
  • Change: Number in text field of type string will now not be shown as formatted number
  • Language: Missing translation in English language file

2.6 [03-June-2013]

  • New: Create own vehicle classes
  • New: Create/Edit attributes for each vehicle class
  • New: Configurable frontend views via drag and drop
  • New: Configurable price search field
  • New: Check for new version
  • Change: Complete restructuring of the database tables
  • Change: Editor buttons in frontend disabled
  • Change: Changed layout for default frontend views
  • Bugfix: Solve bug plugin frontend
  • Bugfix: Discount price can now be empty
  • Bugfix: Rotate images rotates in wrong direction
  • Language: Spanish translation

2.5 [17-January-2013]

  • New: Add dealer management
  • New: E-Mails of frontend vehicle contact form can be send to severel recipients
  • Bugfix: Solve bug at order by make in frontend vehicles list
  • Bugfix: Solve bug at install VEMACO data
  • Bugfix: Solve some bugs at import/export vehicle
  • Change: Change icons to Corporate Design
  • Change: Improvements vehicle frontend edit view

2.4.1 [30-November-2012]

  • Language: Estonian translation

2.4 [23-October-2012]

  • New: Publish up / Publish down setting
  • New: Period when discount offer is active
  • New: Display of VAT
  • New: New Parameter "Thousands separator" for numbers (dot, comma, inverted comma)
  • New: Print view for vehicles in frontend
  • New: Rotation of vehicle images
  • New: New fields energy efficiency class, pollution badge, VAT
  • New: New slideshow for vehicle images
  • New: Install/Uninstall of vehicle attributes translations
  • Bugfix: Saving vehicle was sometimes interpreted as Save and New
  • Bugfix: Bug XML-Import
  • Language: Translations separated to different language packages
  • Change: Uploading of jpg, png and gif pictures possible
  • Change: Changes to SEF URLs
  • Change: Changes for new Joomla 12.1 platform
  • Removed: CSV Import/Export removed
  • Note: At least Joomla 2.5.5 required

2.3 [23-July-2012]

  • New: Import/Export function
  • New: Frontend insert/edit
  • Security: Attachment must be a pdf file
  • Bugfix: Delete all models when deleting a make
  • Bugfix: No translation for vehicle class in edit model view
  • Bugfix: Make and Model was not set, when reload edit vehicle form after error
  • Change: Frontend vehicle list views change div classes to ids
  • Change: Field Offer number is now required
  • Change: Set field "angebotsnummer" of "vemaco_fahrzeug" table as UNIQUE
  • Language: Bug in french language file
  • Language: Changes in english language file

2.2 [30-May-2012]

  • New: Contact Form for each vehicle
  • New: Configurable image dimensions
  • New: Display of specific makes/categories/types at vehicle lists on frontend
  • Change: Changes new/edit vehicle views
  • Change: Performance improvements
  • Change: Rebuild VEMACOHelper class

2.1.1 [13-May-2012]

  • Bugfix: Problem installing VEMACO data

2.1 [04-May-2012]

  • New: Lightbox gallery function (Lytebox, Slimbox)
  • New: Update function at installation
  • New: Show original value when editing a translation
  • New: Meta description and Meta keys for each vehicle
  • New: Individual introduction text for each frontend view
  • New: Attachment for each vehicle
  • Language: French translation
  • Bugfix: Translations are not deleted when deleting vehicles/attributes
  • Bugfix: Motorbike/Caravan specific database entry is not deleted when deleting a vehicle