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Changelog - Lunchbox


2.1.1 [06-January-2016]

  • New: Ready for using Android App
  • Bugfix: Problem if Lunchbox user group is Public
  • Bugfix: Special characters problem in xls exports
  • Bugfix: Problems assigning images, if menu categories uses special characters

2.1 [16-November-2015]

  • New: Changes for Android App
  • New: Possibility to use embedded images in notifications
  • New: Order changes function in backend is back
  • New: Show condiments in menu

2.0 [01-October-2015]

  • New: Create multiple menus
  • New: Create individual menu categories
  • New: Save nutrients for each ingredient
  • New: Save price per unit for ingredients
  • New: Create individual ingredient groups
  • New: Create individual meal groups
  • New: Newsletter function to send daily menu offer
  • New: Copy function for menus in backend
  • New: Unlimited number of meals for each day
  • New: PDF export of menu (frontend and backend)
  • New: Meal image database
  • New: Show individuell texts on top and bottom of the menu card
  • New: Meal detail view
  • New: New install screen
  • New: Insert logo in menu print screen
  • New: Configure format of prices
  • New: Credit history
  • New: Reset orders of a specific day
  • New: Finance report per month
  • Bugfix: Can't save order if only one meal selected
  • Bugfix: Wrong order email text, if not allowed values entered
  • Bugfix: Sidebar not hidden in reports printing views
  • Bugfix: Special characters problem in meal voucher PDF
  • Bugfix: Special characters problem in xls exports
  • Bugfix: In credit view only users with a firm was shown
  • Bugfix: Error when changing week in order history
  • Bugfix: Problem if no price category is selected for user
  • Bugfix: Timezone problem for dates
  • Changed: New layout for meal creation view
  • Changed: Name of menu form because of conflicts with other extensions
  • Removed: Remove created attribute for meal

1.5.2 [09-December-2013]

  • New: If no weekend is shown and current day is weekend, show next week as default in menu card in frontend
  • Bugfix: Problem selecting user in orders by user report (Joomla 2.5)
  • Bugfix: Wrong price saved in order frontend
  • Changed: Use global Joomla timezone

1.5.1 [02-December-2013]

  • Bugfix: Frontend view problems when logged in

1.5 [23-November-2013]

  • New: Joomla 3.1 support
  • New: Responsive design
  • New: Assign condiments for each meal
  • New: New report "Recipes"
  • New: New report "Shopping list"
  • New: Create meal vouchers (pdf)
  • New: Order overview in frontend
  • New: Newsfeeds for menu card (RSS, Atom)
  • New: Date format configuration
  • New: Show description of meal variants
  • New: Portuguese Übersetzung
  • Bugfix: Wrong currency of credit shown
  • Changed: Joomla 2.5.5 required
  • Changed: Replace deprecated class JRequest
  • Removed: Removed price in backend menu

1.4.1 [01-September-2013]

  • Bugfix: Insert negative orders

1.4 [28-July-2013]

  • New: Possibility to add an unlimited number of options for each meal
  • New: Notifications that can be sent to the administrator and the customer
  • New: Deleting meals and incredients
  • New: Show date in filter calendar week
  • New: Max. 25 meals a day
  • New: Router added
  • New: Link to trouble ticket system
  • New: New language Czech
  • New: CSS-classes
  • Bugfix: Wrong number of orders at Excel export
  • Bugfix: Publish/Unpublish ingredients
  • Changed: Published as default value of new meals

1.3 [05-February-2013]

  • New: Print screen in frontend
  • New: Show / Hide image, description, prices, ingredients
  • New: Check for new version
  • Bugfix: No name is displayed in order change view if user has no firm
  • Bugfix: Display saturday/sunday in report headlines

1.2 [18-December-2012]

  • New: Print view menu frontend
  • New: Credit function
  • New: More order time frames (weekly, daily, manually)
  • New: Display special text for each day (e.g. holidays)
  • New: Multiple orders for each day
  • New: Report daily orders
  • New: Print view reports
  • Bugfix: SQL-Injection
  • Changed: Icons changed

1.1 [18-May-2012]

  • New: Italian translation
  • New: Weekend will be shown and it is possible to offer meals at weekend
  • New: Ordered meals will be highlighted (color can be changed in CSS file)
  • Bugfix: Bugfixes in language file
  • Changed: Performance improvements
  • Changed: PHP Strict Standards

1.0 - Functional overview

  • Included languages: German, English
  • Publishing of a weekly menu card including a calendar week filter
  • Ordering fucntionality for registered users
  • Library for ingredients which can be assigned to meals
  • Library for all available meals
  • Easy creation of weekly wenu cards by selection of meals direct from the library
  • Up to 10 meals can be added to each day
  • Up to 10 different and individual price categories can be configured (e.g. Guest, employee)
  • Each user will be assigned to one of these categories and the user itself only see the price of his category
  • An own currency can be configured
  • A order deadline can be configured (e.g. The user can order until Friday, 12am for the next week)
  • The administrator can change orders after the deadline expired
  • Possiblity to add own Terms and Condition
  • A lot of reports included: Number of ordered meals per week (summarised by meals)/ Number of ordered meals for each week and user including the total price / Accounting report (Overview of all ordered meals (prices) for each user and calendar week), filterable by firm and calendar week, marking of paid and unpaid bills
  • All reports can be exported to the .xls format