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Development of websites on the highest level with the latest solutions and technologies.
To give you the possibility to change the content of your website completely by yourself we mostly use content management systems.


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CMS Development

We develop standard and individual extensions for the open source content management systems Joomla and Wordpress.


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App Development

For OS Android we develop completely individual apps for your company, association or organization.


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You currently have an own website or online shop (e.g. Virtuemart, Webisco) and need a new, individual and unique design? Then you are exactly right with us.


During the BETA testing phase of the Lunchbox Android app the plugin can be downloaded from the download section and used for free (available for all Lunchbox component customers).

The App can be downloaded for free from the Google PlayStore.


With the plugin Lunchbox Android App  the support of the Lunchbox component for the Android app, developed by WERI-Design GbR and downloadable in Google PlayStore, is being activated.


Note: For using the Lunchbox Android App version 2.1.1 of the Lunchbox component is required!


The plugin is being installed with the Joomla installation function. After installation the plugin must be >>Published<<. In the plugin configuration several parameters of the app can be configured to give it an individual look.


The user of the Android app have to configure the server address (your website) when starting the app for the first time. The address that have to be configured for your website is being shown in the global Lunchbox configuration in section >>Android App Settings<< under parameter >>Website<<. It is recommended to show this address on your website to simplify the app configuration for your customers.


plugin basic settings

Basics and colour settings


Company name:

The name that should be shown on the start screen of the app.

Text for start screen:

Individual greeting message on the start screen of the app.


Individual imprint text, shown below the WERI-Design GBR imprint.

Colour firm name start screen:

Colour of the company name on start screen.

Colour hello text start screen:

Colour of the greetings message on the start screen.

Colour actionbar:

Background colour of the actionbar on top of the app.

Text colour actionbar:

Text colour of the app name >>Lunchbox<< on the top of the app.

Background colour catgory:

The background colour of the category (e.g. Breakfast, Lunch) display.

Text colour categories:

Text colour of the category display.

Text colour meals:

Text colour of the meals.

Text colour comment:

Text colour of the individual comment of a day (e.g. Holidays).


Detail view settings

Settings for the details view of a meal.


plugin detail view settings



Show/hide the ingredient information of each meal component.

Text colour category:

Text colour of the menu category.

Text colour meal:

Text colour of the meal.

Text colour meal components:

Text colour of the meal components.

Text colour descriptions:

Text colour of the descriptions for each meal component.

Text colour ingredients:

Text colour of the ingredients.



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