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Development of websites on the highest level with the latest solutions and technologies.
To give you the possibility to change the content of your website completely by yourself we mostly use content management systems.


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CMS Development

We develop standard and individual extensions for the open source content management systems Joomla and Wordpress.


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App Development

For OS Android we develop completely individual apps for your company, association or organization.


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You currently have an own website or online shop (e.g. Virtuemart, Webisco) and need a new, individual and unique design? Then you are exactly right with us.


 The Lunchbox component comes with 6 different reports.




Ordered meals

The report Ordered meals gives an overview about the number of orders of a specific calendar week. The list is accumulated by days.


report weekly


The report can be exported to the MS Excel format. Furthermore there is a print view.

Meal vouchers

A special option is the possibility to create food stamps for printing in the PDF file format. These food stamps can be distributes to the Lunchbox users and accepted at the food counter. The food stamps include the date, the chosen meal, the number of orders and the name of the purchaser.


report meal voucher


Orders by day

The report Orders by day is an overview of the orders of a specific weekday of a calendar week.

For each user the ordered meals and the number of orders are shown. Further the price for one meal, the total price and the order date are shown.

The report can be exported to the MS Excel format and printed.


report day


Orders by user

The report Orders by user shows the orders of an user for a specific weekday of a calendar week.

Like the other reports too, it can be exported to the MS excel format and printed.


report user


Financial report

The Financial report is an overview of the sums of all orders grouped by user.

Further the bill of the orders for a calendar week can be marked as paid or not paid. If the credit function is enabled the orders will be during the ordering process automatically as paid.

The report can be exported to the MS Excel format and printed.


report finance



The Recipes report shows a list of all ingredients for a specific meal. The ingredients, condiments and specify have to be created in the condiments library and assigned to the meal first. 

All the recipes can be printed.


report recipes


Shopping list

The report Shopping list is an aggregation and summery of the quantity of all needed ingredients of the ordered meals. The list can be filtered by calendar week and a weekday of a specific calendar week. 

The created shopping list can be printed.


report shopping list

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