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Development of websites on the highest level with the latest solutions and technologies.
To give you the possibility to change the content of your website completely by yourself we mostly use content management systems.


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CMS Development

We develop standard and individual extensions for the open source content management systems Joomla and Wordpress.


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App Development

For OS Android we develop completely individual apps for your company, association or organization.


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You currently have an own website or online shop (e.g. Virtuemart, Webisco) and need a new, individual and unique design? Then you are exactly right with us.


After the installation the component must be configured for use.

User groups

Lunchbox uses the internal Joomla! user groups. It is recommended to create a new Lunchbox special user group (e.g. orderer). This user group all users will be assigned that should be able to order meals in the frontend menu card.

User configuration

Users that should be able to order meals have to be assigned to the created new user group.

Furthermore it is possible to configure a price category and a firm for each user. For that the "Mealprofile" Lunchbox plugin have to be installed. The plugin can be downloaded free of charge with the customer login from the download section on the WERI-Design GbR website.




If there are multiple users of a specific firm, please note that the spelling of the firm have to be the same for all users.


Global configuration

The global configuration of the Lunchbox component is separated into 3 parts: General, Frontend configuration and Permissions.


1. General

allgemeine optionen


The following options are available:


Number of price categories:

Select the number of prices that can be entered for each meal.

Number of meal per day:

The number of meals that can be assigned for each day in the menu card.


Selection if the weekend should be shown in the menu card.


Define the currency that should be shown for the prices.

Order functionality:

Selection if it should be possible to order meals or if only the menu card should be shown.

Number of orders per day:

Selection if possible to order only one meal for each day, or if multiple meals can be ordered.

Credit function:

Enable or disable the Lunchbox credit functionality.

Order closing option:

Configure the type of the order closing time frame.

  1. Weekly - The order time frame of a specific week will be closed on a definable day and time of the previous week.
  2. Daily - The order time frage of a day will be closed on a definable time of the previous day.
  3. Manually - Each day can be closed manually by the administrator in the backend menu card.

User group:

Configuration of the Joomla! user group for all Lunchbox order members.

terms and Conditions:

Selection of the terms and conditions file. The file must be a PDF and stored in the folder administrator/components/com_lunchbox/files

Sending email:

Select the recipient of the email notification when an order has been done.

  1. To the Lunchbox administrator
  2. To the customer
  3. To both

Administrator Email:

Define the email address of the Lunchbox administrator.

Price categories 1-10:

For each of the available 10 price categories an individual alias name can be configured. (e.g. Student, Staff,...)


2. Frontend configuration

In the frontend configuration can be defined which information should be shown in the frontend menu card view.


frontend einstellungen

Date format

Select the type the date format in the head of the menu card for each day.

There are 5 different types available:

  1. Long format - e.g.: Monday, 31. January 2013
  2. German standard format - e.g.: 31.01.2013
  3. English format (long) - e.g.: 31/01/2013
  4. English format (short) - e.g.: 31/01/13
  5. Database format - e.g.: 2013-01-31

Date format head

Select the format of the date in the head of the menu card.

There are 4 different types available:

  1. German standard format - e.g.: 31.01.2013
  2. English format (long) - e.g.: 31/01/2013
  3. English format (short) - e.g.: 31/01/13
  4. Database format - e.g.: 2013-01-31

Show terms and conditions:

Selection if the link to the terms and conditions file should be shown. The terms and conditions must be accepted to can do an order.

Order warning:

Shows a warning message with special information.

Print icon:

Selection if the link to the print view should be shown.


Selection if the links to the newsfeeds should be shown..

  1. None
  2. RSS 2.0
  3. Atom
  4. Both

Note: To show the newsfeeds links correctly the SEO-Setting "Adds Suffix to URL" in the global Joomla Configuration (System >> Global configuration >> Site >> SEO-Settings ) have to be disabled.

Meal information:

Configuration which information should be shown for each meal (Meal variants, Image, Short description, Price, Detail description, Ingredients).


3. Permissions

Definition of the permissions for each user group (ACL).


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